1. Adding listing packages

You might want to let your user to add their own listings. Let's see how to do it.
Let's start by creating a listing package. Go to Dashboard → Listings → Package Manager and create a new package. Let's say you want to add a free package for your users. Add a descriptive name, for example "Free".

2. Set package settings

You might want to set some limitations for this package. For example, you want every listing submit last only 30 days on your directory website, before to disappear.
Or maybe you want to limit how many images the user can submit. You can set a lot of settings here.

2. Set the product

If you don't want to charge your user, then your job is over. Otherwise you need to create a new listing product, by following this guide.

Here we go: go and share the package url (in our case https://southemes.com/demos/qibla/package/free/) to see it in action.