1. Adding and Managing Listings

First of all, Click on Dashboard → Listings → Add listing.
We're going to describe all the settings you can do on this page. Let's start by adding title and description of your listing. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

2. Subtitle and hero image

Let's go down, below the description, in the "Listing options" box.
If you need it, you can set a subtitle here. It will be displayed below your listing title. Now it's time to add an awesome picture that represent your listing. We suggest to pick a big, high resolution, orizontal image. Automatically, Qibla will use this image to represent this page in other shortcodes.

Click on "hero image" and add a big picture. If you don't have it, you can always choose a background color instead.

2. Set the address

From the same listing options box you can set your listing address by clicking on the "location" tab. Make sure to choose the address from the the Google autosuggest menu. Once saved, a map will magically appears on your sidebar!

3. Additional info

Here you can set this listing as featured. If you do that, this listing will be shown at the beginning of the corresponent Archive listing page. Also, you can set open hours, email and website of this specific listing: all this info will magically appear below the map in the sidebar.

4. Socials

Set social media link for your listing. For example, here it's a good place if your restaurant or activity has its own Facebook or Twitter account. They will magically appear right below the map box, as you can see in the picture below.

5. Gallery

Add all the images you want in order to build your listing gallery. A "see gallery" item will appear on the hero image.

4. Related posts

If you want to suggest some related listings at the end of your single listing page, click on "Related Listing" in order to activate it.
Now when you go back to your listing page, it will shows similar listings based on the same category or location. If you want to know how to set the location/category background image, read it in locations listing or category listing.

7. Amenities

here you can add some amenities related on your listing. They will be shown below your main content.

Remember: you can set your amenity icon from Dashboard → Listings → Amenities

6. Featured image

Since shortcodes use the hero image, featured image it's not mandatory. Anyway, you could want to set another image to display in other shortcodes.

7. Sidebar

On listings, you can decide to put the sidebar on your left or right. Also, you can decide to have a "sticky" siderbar. It will follow your navigation when you scroll the page, so we reccommend to use this option only if you have few boxes in your sidebar.

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